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What is MSG and Is It Bad for You?

By October 7, 2016MSG
What is MSG video

According to a recent article in Medical Daily, monosodium glutamate is a popular food additive that has gotten a rather bad reputation and people want to know is MSG bad.

The article notes: “In a recent video, the team at Brit Lab helped us to better understand the fact and fiction surrounding MSG so you can determine for yourself whether or not you want to continue eating it.”

Medical Daily continues:

“MSG activates the umami taste buds on our tongue, a category of taste that is savory and rich. According to Brit Lab, this is a flavor we are naturally inclined to like, as it is even found in breastmilk.”

“MSG was first designed as a way to add flavor to otherwise boring foods in order to make them more enjoyable. It is found naturally in many foods, for example both parmesan cheese and tomatoes have high levels of MSG.”

“Ultimately, Brit Lab concluded that there was no scientific evidence to suggest that MSG is bad for your health, and reassures us that we can continue to enjoy our favorite foods without fear.”

To watch the Brit Lab video on YouTube and learn more about Brit Lab, a channel from BBC Worldwide, visit

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