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MSG and the Fear of the Known

By July 10, 2013March 18th, 2019Videos
MSG fear and glutamate

The MSGdish Team's goal is to provide timely and important information about glutamate, monosodium glutamate (MSG) and the many culinary creations inspired by “umami" while connecting these topics to facts about food, taste, and health. The MSGdish Team is comprised of TGA staff professionals who are recognized as experts in science-based nutrition communications. Read more on the About page.

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  • Riesty says:

    Yeah, I’m another with no sweet tooth at all but a raging addiction to that umami goodness. The powdered stuff just doesn’t really do it for me by itself; it sings best when it’s in a choir of its natural flavor companions. The idea of a banana split actually makes me feel vaguely ill in anticipation of the insulin shock. The idea of a cheeseburger with blue cheese and a fried egg with slightly runny yolk and onions grilled in butter just makes me hungry.

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