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Why MSG Should be in Every Pantry! (MSG vs Salt)

By November 15, 2019MSG, Videos
MSG vs salt

Here’s a new video from Sauce Stache, which creates YouTube videos dedicated to foodies.

This video, in just over 12 minutes, covers lots of topics related to MSG (monosodium glutamate), including: “MSG vs salt”, “MSG studies” and specifically MSG safety studies, “is MSG bad for you”, and “how to cook with MSG”.

According to Sauce Stache, “I’ve wanted to make an MSG video for a LONG time! Today I’m going to explain what is MSG and how to use MSG while cooking! MSG makes good food tastes better! But does it cause headaches?”

Even if you skip through some of the scientific stuff, we encourage you to watch the taste tests in the second half of the video. The chef demonstrates MSG’s benefits in popcorn (using MSG instead of salt), marinara sauce (with less salt thanks to MSG), and roasted veggies. Amazing!!


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